Card issuing companies in Europe

A list of European Payment Service Providers (PSPs) who specialize in card issuing. In order to issue cards, these companies have to be a Principal member of Visa, Mastercard or both. The types of cards that can be issued are debit, prepaid and credit, and can take a physical or a virtual form. The end customer can be both – a private individual and a business. Financial companies that are considering issuing cards to their customers, have to find a “BIN sponsor” (a financial institution licensed to issue cards to other financial institutions) and pledge collateral as a security deposit.

The goal of PSP Circle is to help our visitors make an informed decision when picking a payment provider. Consequently, the list is curated and does not simply involve all companies holding a financial institution licence and issuing cards. Often, we couldn’t find precise data and used the best estimate to give an indication of the figure. For simplicity, £, $ and € are all considered of equal value. 

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Date updated: November, 2022